Require a deposit to reserve date and time. Party area and unlimited pony rides are for 2 hours.

You may choose the party room or the pavilion for your party.

Unlimited $300 + tax

Half ($150.00) required for deposit Includes unlimited children and unlimited pony rides for 2 hours, as well as 10 free adults (all other adults will be $6)

By the head $100 deposit.

The following is deducted from the deposit: $9.95 per person 2 year olds and under are free $5.00 pony rides

download a pricing sheet here




  • Popcorn machine including 2 bags of kernels $60 **
  • Cotton Candy Machine with candy floss $100 **
  • Hot Dog Steamer $60 **
  • Haystack Activity (toys, candy, party favors etc. that YOU provide will be put inside a haystack that the kids can tear into at the end of the party, it’s a big hit!) $50
  • Zoo Dog or Turtle costume appearance at the party $25
  • Animal Show in party area $50 **

    The zoo staff will not be in charge of preparing food, however we will handle clean up of the rented party equipment used at your event!